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TOP is a really fun band. They started in 1968 & much of the band are the originals.
I have seen them in concert maybe 10 times. Once at Scullers Jazz Club, 10 feet from the stage. (that was a bit much)
Here is a 2008 vid. You will see they are still having fun.  TOP VID
 The Dave Weckl Band
If you are the faint of heart, it may not be for you
If you like jazz or just good music
Go for it!!!!!!


Pousette Dart Band



This play list is really good.
You may only remember a few,
But I know you will enjoy them all.
I call him the "The Vampire"
(Steely Dan)
They come to "Bean Town" just about once a year.
Full Blown
Steely Dan
Now this is Music!!!



This is the true story.

The legend of the "USS Titanic"


What would live be without the Moody Blues

They come to "Bean Town" now & then

I wouldn't miss a show



Don't stop

Lotsa Good stuff on thes links

everybody will like this:

Wham, Bam, think You Mam:

Suggested by A.T.

You can't not like

If you like Santana try this:

Nice Joe Walsh Solo "Funk 49 Sit tight The Funk is 4minutes

If you can take Robin

I love a "Petty Woman":

Banjos gone wild:

Great Jimmy Hendrix Cover:

All Man's Brothers:


Good Greg (unplugged)

A little Step'in Wolf 

      Good follow



One More, Why stop!

That was great. One more

Take a Magic Carpet

 Robbin Hartman Live:


Great Jazz

Classic Floyd:

Good Dance Toon:

My All Time

Boggie Woogie

You must remeber Duke & The Drivers:

A little Dixie Chicken is good now &

If you don't like Dixie Chicken, "Skin it Back", but beware, there is a "Fatman in the Bathroom"

How bout James

What would it be without Phil Collins:

The return of Lou Reed:

A change of pace:

You will remember this one:





Dennis Chambers plays with TOP. Best Dummer ever


Time for a beer. This is a good one (it's very clean)


Clapton is the

A couple from Ian






Hmmmm  Moody



Some Elton John might  Then

                                      Now I like the refined Elton.

 I wish I could play the piano :

          "THE BAND"       


                     Dr. John

               (I love this one)

Time for another Beer:

Light up a



The Brothers Johnson:



The Cars (Don't buy a Toyota)


The Talking Heads:


Quicksilver Meesanger







 If you have a favorite toon, you can post it on your page.