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Ski Day

Plans are in the works for a day of skiing at Loon Mt.

We are re-thinking how best to organize this to maximize attendance.

This is the perfect time of year to ski & the conditions couldn't be better.

If you are a skier, how could you miss this? 

I'm excited... How bout you?


I have invited the classes from '69 - '72 to join us.
At the moment there are about 10 from '70 that are interested & I have no doubt I can get another 5 at least.
The other 3 classes will likely get similar numbers.
With 50, we should have no problem getting at least 20 to commit.
Chili & Hot Fudge Sundaes will still be the lunch specials.
Check the survey below to get on the ski list.
If you are a golfer you can also get on the golfer list for the spring.
Or you can send me an email

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1)   Are you interested in joining us for a day of skiing?

2)   Interested in joining us in the spring for a golf outing?