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The 50th is HISTORY


From what I see people really got together and made it all work.
Three cheers for Class of 1970 
What’s Next? ​
The last few years have been very hectic for me.
That being the reason I chose to back off on handling this one. 
I am now planning to slow down a bit and get back to the Class of 1970 that I have been so involved with for more than 40 yrs. starting with the 10th .
Was that “The Hillcrest” where we had the first one?
OK. As we are all getting older, 10yrs between get-togethers (even 5yrs) may not be the way to approach this. 
The note below is from the Class of 1971 after their reunion also in Oct 2021.
I’ve worked with them for both their 40th & 50th.  Attended their 50th on “The Cape”.
Hello WHS 1971 Classmates -   
Thanks to all those who filled out our post-50th Reunion survey. We received 110 responses, providing our committee with helpful input about where to go from here.  
 Based upon what we learned from the survey, we will be having a 55th reunion. Our basic plan will be very similar to what we did for the 50th - a three day weekend with plenty of options on how to participate. The one addition will be a breakfast/brunch together on Sunday. We expect that the reunion will take place during a warmer month (perhaps June or September) and will be located with easier access to both Wellesley and Logan Airport, to provide simpler and less expensive access. 
 We also found that there is a lot of interest in having informal gatherings in addition to our five year events. In particular, an overwhelming majority of respondents expressed interest in having an annual social gathering. Therefore, we would like to undertake two initiatives.
So, back to 1970 Class…
Think that this is the way to move forward?
Meet more often, more casually? 
In addition to options of formal events ?
Any comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 
I’ll put together a golf outing, ski trip, picnic, fishing charter, or a day at the beach.
(Hawaii would be my choice). 
Scott (Shep) 


•   James Angelini  4/9
•   William Reed  4/8
•   George Ellis  2/8
•   MaryBeth Pawlina (Canedy)  12/4
•   Michael Riedner  8/7
•   Denise Newman (Maddocks)  7/27
•   Thomas Lanen  7/2
•   Nancy Edmonds (Paull)  1/28
•   Barbara Uhlig (Ostroth)  1/28
•   Carolyn Hanchett (Spector)  1/18
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1 lives in Alaska
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13 live in California
4 live in Colorado
11 live in Connecticut
15 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
3 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
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1 lives in Kansas
12 live in Maine
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7 live in North Carolina
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4 live in South Carolina
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4 live in Vermont
9 live in Virginia
2 live in Washington
1 lives in Yukon Territory
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2 live in Germany
1 lives in Poland
1 lives in United Kingdom
123 location unknown
54 are deceased